Which activity we need to use for get the range of the cell in moderns activities


I need to get the range of the cell because, in the Excel sheet, we get the table in dynamic range.
restriction: we get the file In CSV format.
So I am using modern activity to read the CSV file but I don’t know how to get the range of the cell,
in the Excel application scope, we have a lookup range activity. But modern which activity is there to use.

I use the below activity but I don’t know how to use it can anyone help me? it is a bit urgent.



Thanks, cheers :clinking_glasses:

Hello @copy_writes - You can still use Classic Activities even when the project is using Modern Design Experience by doing this:

Hope this helps!


We can also use classic LookUpRange in UseExcelFile as the following.

Or if you can share your requirement for lookup in details, we might be able to show how to use modern vlookup.


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