Which activity is best suited for sending a mail via outlook using "On behalf of" approach to send mail using the known credentials?

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Following is the criteria:-

  1. So I want to send a mail to the user,

  2. I have a structured body, subject and list of email addresses to send mail to.

  3. I am also having the credentials of the business user which will actually send mail. (POWER BUSINESS USER 1, ie(PBU1))

  4. I am having Outlook on the machine but the business user logged into this machine will vary (ie: BU1, BU2, BU3, etc), so I dont want to set up the user in the outlook of machine. Instead I want to use “On behalf of” approach using the credentials of the PBU1.

Please guide me on how to set this up in my machine such that it works accross all machines, across all users. irrespective of weither user is set up on outlook or not.

Hope you guys understand. Please let me know if more clarification is required.
Eagerly waiting on responses.

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Thanks for info in detailed.

You could send emails using Send Exchange Mail Message Activity which does not need outlook installed. it just needs credential, url, sender & receiver email ID.


Thanks alot mate!!

So I need to send the mail to user’s outlook inbox. will this work as expected?


No problem buddy :slight_smile:
Yes, that activity will send an email and user will receive it in Inbox folder.


But then what is the url?


Url could be web outlook like below,



Can you help with what comes here?


Can you fill up required fields and try?
plz keep changing ExchangeVersion if selected does not work.

I am getting “Unautheirzed error” as shown in the above screenshot

Contact your IT to find out your Exchange Server! It should end in .aspx :wink:


any other option? to get it from my side?

Hmmm, try https://help.karbonhq.com/en/articles/1524542-how-do-i-find-my-exchange-server-address