Which activity do you use for sending emails with attachements?

Hello Forum,
Today I come with this question because i found myself in a little trouble since i’ve been working with Send SMTP mail Message and now it seems that is not that easy to configure because is always throw an error. I don’t now if it’s Because Google Unable the Use of less secure apps or something else.

Am i skipping something? What activity do you use in this cases?

Thank you


To use SMTP, you have to enable it in the email settings.
Then just put the server, port, email and password.

Example for google:


Great! That info came in handy very well, i changed some configurations but still im recieving the same error of my first screenshot. Why?


Sometimes the password used in SMTP is not the same as the one you use to login.

I think it’s called application password. Try to see the link that appears in the error.


Solved! Thank you very much

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