Which Activities Are Available For A Windows-Legacy, Windows, And Cross-Platform Project From A UiPath Studio Process?

How to see which activities are available for a Windows-Legacy, Windows, and Cross-platform project from a UiPath Studio process?

Export the list for all activities by following the steps below:

  1. Go to Studio-> Create a new process (with the desired compatibility) -> Go to the Project panel
  2. Include or exclude the package dependencies to see the available activities for
  3. Go to the Activities tab
  4. Click on CTRL+Click on the "Expand All" button (as shown in the screenshot below)


After a while, the UiPath Studio will generate an Excel file with all activities available currently in the project (given the currently loaded activity packages and their versions).

Example for the Activities Spreadsheet


Example for the Properties Spreadsheet


  1. Perform the same for Windows, Windows-Legacy, or Cross-platform projects and it is possible to obtain two or three documents with lists of activities.
  2. From there process as needed.