Where would I download a spreadsheet in the REF Framework?


I am working on a process where I want a bot to:

  1. Navigate to download page.
  2. Download a spreadsheet.
  3. Cleanse the data on the spreadsheet and upload the datarows to the orchestrator.
  4. Pull the datarows from the orchestrator.
  5. Perform the mundane tasks for each of the datarows.

I intend to use a dispatcher and performer REF Framework.

I know that I should use the dispatcher for points 1 to 3 and performer for 4 to 5.

But, where exactly should I put the download and data cleansing portion of the automation?

If I put it in InitAllApplication, how do I get the datatable into GetTransactionData?

If I put it in the GetTransactionData, how do I keep the portion of the code that is cleansing the datatable from executing each time that I add the datarow to the Orchestrator?

I have been through the REF Framework documentation already (Which could do with a better structure).

The REFramework was designed for processes where there is a repetitive task to perform. If nothing in your process is repetitive, you’ll have 1 transaction to process. Initialization can be simply opening the browser at the correct webpage. However, if cleaning the data is something that takes multiple repetitive steps, downloading the spreadsheet and storing the datatable should all be done in initialization.

Thanks @Anthony_Humphries,

Then how would I get the datatable that I have created in the Initialization into the GetTransactionData?

Read it into the TransactionData datatable in the REFramework. Then, you’ll need to change the REFramework to read datarows instead of Orchestrator queue items. You can do this by replacing the Get Transactoion Item activity with an If condition that checks if the TransactionNumber variable is <= TransactionData.Rows.Count. If it is, assign the TransactionItem to the datarow TransactionData.Rows(TransactionNumber - 1). In the Else section, set the TransactionItem to Nothing.

Okay, I understand how to do everything after your first sentence. How exactly do I

Read it into the TransactionData datatable in the REFramework.

There are no variables or arguments in Initialization that are linked to the Get Transaction Data portion of the framework. Or am I missing them?

In the Initialization step, once you’ve downloaded the workbook, use Read Range to read the workbook into the datatable. The TransactionData variable is available at all levels of the REFramework.

Excellent, I see that not. It’s a variable in the Initialization and an argument in the Get Transaction Data. That threw me off :man_facepalming:

Thank you @Anthony_Humphries

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