Where to use Start Job Activity

Hi All,

I am working on a process design now, I have 2 machines and 3 different target applications in those two machines. I have to extract data from a website based on the application name I have to load the transaction data to the respective application queue and have to trigger the bots at end of the BOT1 completion, similarly from Bot 2 and from Bot4 I have to trigger Bot5 for further process as the final step.

I have to use the Start Job activity, so I would like to know in REFramework which state is the right place to use this activity and do we need to check any condition there before we trigger other processes.

check the flow diagram below and let me know the right place to use the start job activity based on the flow diagram.


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Hey @sarathi125,

You need to use start process at the END PROCESS state of Re-framework.

As per the flow diagram, another process should be started only if the current process is completed.

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