Where to use Reframwork?

I’m developing a process which download some files from a portal and feed those to another. There’s no queue used. Is Reframwork is needed here. usually we’re developing using flowchart and sequences. But I heard that the Reframwork is the UiPath standard. Is there anything like that?
Did that Reframwork affect the speed of the process?
And what if there are many loop backs in my flow, in case of Reframwork, how I can achieve this?

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If you are using RE Framework you will have the following advantages

  1. Build in functionalities, so development effort will be reduced
  2. Transaction wise process, so easy to track
  3. Retry mechanism is good
  4. Exception handling and error logging will be available

RE Framework is not only for Queue items, you can modify the TransactionData and TransactionItem based on your requirements and use it accordingly.

The following table shows few transaction data and transaction item combination, you can use the third combination for your current process.



Hi @shankm

The Re-Framework is not a standard but it’s asked to use Re-Frame work to allow the bot to do track… Re-Framework is efficiently used while we use Orchestrator :slight_smile:

Re-Framework is a bit slow then the regular process speed as fetch queue from the Orchestrator can cause a bit of delay but the pros are a lot for using them so the speed isn’t pointed out in that…

For more details refer the following post