Where to send contact form details to in UiPath apps?

Hi. I have a question that may be a bit silly. I want to build a regular form in web apps but where should I send the details to after the user clicks on Submit button without starting a process on the user’s machine? I want to automatically receive an email with all the details that the user submitted.

@private_matter ,

You can see user first name, last name and email into user context when you say = into any function or input control.

Just grab the user email address and send email to that .

Have a look at below address.



Hello @Arvind_Kumar1

I don’t want to send emails to the client. I want to send them to myself. If I use the User’s Email during runtime, this could help to know from which user the message came from but how do I send all the information to myself only in the background after the user submits the form?


You can call an unattended robot to send an email…

As of now integration service is not available in UiPath apps…once that is available them directly you should be able to send emails as you need …but for now the way would be to run a process on click to send info in email


@private_matter ,

Exactly, you can get email from user context and write a process to send email.

We don’t have email rules int apps directly. Only way is to send using process.

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