Where to see the published package?

I published my test scenario, where can I find this published package?

How can I run this through UiAssistant now?

Hi @neha.verma

Go to publish button again, and in the Publish options tab you have the path published, if it shows as orchestrator tenant feed, then it might be published into the orchestrator and folder that you are connected, if any path appears then it will show the path


Hi @neha.verma ,

Did you publish it locally?
If so, then it would be at the path you have specified under Publish Options:


If you’ve published it to Orchestrator, then you should head over to Folder > Automations > Automations > Select package:


Once the package is created, head over to Testing and you can either create a TestSet(collection of test cases), or if you have created a single test case then simply head over to the Test Cases tab and run the test case you are interested in running.

Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K