Where to login to Academy?

Where do we log in to Academy so we can continue with a course in progress? I go to https://academy.uipath.com/learn/static-page/5 and click Login but nothing happens.

The link I bookmarked and used before doesn’t work since yesterday with the update.
I have lost a whole day trying to finish my course before end of 3/31. This is very frustrating with so many UIPath pages.

Hello there ,
It looks like a new UI , try going to the root url https://academy.uipath.com/ that works for me


Thanks, that actually worked!

Since you’re helpful :), can I ask another?
When I download the Practice 3- Dictionaries (workflow) zip and load the file in Studio, I get the error below each time. Is it possible to get another copy of this that works? Thanks very much!

You welcome ,

Try unzing it again , or try checking all the courses in the learning path foundation and view all the content inside these courses https://academy.uipath.com/channel to find the new dictionary course

You managed to get me in. I’m actually waiting for the Ui support to do the same, but so far, they haven’t managed to give the final answers.
But I am looking for my history inside the Academy. I’ve finished several courses, such as foundational training.
Do you think I can expect to get my history back, so I can keep on from where I left off, I mean is this a temporary situation, or is all history deleted, meaning I can’t expect to get it back?
(I am of course also using it as encyclopedia.)

Thanks for trying to help us out!

It surely is something that will be resolved cause is a new design and needs time to be working correctly.

You welcome :v: