Where to get the web.config folder

Hi guys,

Where do I locate the web.config folder? And since the Orchestrator is web-based, where can I install Orchestrator into my pc? I’m using the Community version.



We can’t install Community Orchestrator into our local machine. Just create account in https://platform.uipath.com site and then access your tenant region in the cloud.


I already connected to Orchestrator but I can’t locate the folder. Because currently I want to import the logs into ElasticSearch and generate a report in Kibana.


We don’t have any Web.config file if we are using Cloud Orchestrator.

We need Enterprise Orchestrator to do all.


So is there anyway that I can import the logs into Elasticsearch database ? and output a report in Kibana?


Sorry I don’t have any idea on this.

Manually download logs from Orchestrator and it will be downloaded as excel file. And then upload into Elastisearch if possible.

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