Where to get license key

I have taken the enterprise trail version and i’m trying install in windows server 2016…

from here i got stuck…i have checked all my mails for license key’s but i haven’t received to mail and i’m trying to provide license using machine key is also not working and that option is not available

guide me how can i install uipath trail enterprise version.

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for checking i have installed on window server 2019 , it got installed successfully and it is activated through machine key only but in windows server 2016(Data center) it is asking license key…

could you suggest on this @loginerror or @Vibhor.Shrivastava
where to get license code.

Hello @xavir_villa1, can i confirm, you got UiPath Orchestrator Enterprise Trial or Studio License Enterprise Trial?

If you have Orchestrator Enterprise Trial, and you want to license the studio, please open UiPath Assistant

After which, please click on preferences

then Orchestrator Settings.

There you will find the option to connect via Machine Key

Hope it helps!




thanks for that…i’m using cloud orchestrator(cloud.uipath.com) and i want to install enterprise studio in windows server 2016.

I’m trying add license form robot try but it is throwing this error


Hello, this issue you are experiencing when going to the Orchestrator Settings? or when connecting the robot already? Please share more details on the steps you have taken so we can help.

hi @xavir_villa1
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Enterprise trail, its definitely receive a license key into your mentioned email,
check your mail and check if it goes to spam or mistakenly entered the wrong email

Hello Sean,
I have exactely the same issue : I cannot find the Machine Key.
The Machine Key field is empty.

    What should I do to get my Key and be able to connect to the Orchestrator ? 

I found the Orchestrator URL when I connected on the When on Orchestratot, but now I ama stuck to find the Machine Key … ?? Please help !! May day !

Hi @nicolas.mathieu , sorry i missed this. Is this resolved? Else will share with you the steps.