Where to find update files

OK. So I have found lots of information about “here’s what’s in the latest release”. I can find release notes up the wazoo. But where in the world do I find an actual link to download the update? Why is it so complicated to update this product? For a product that purports to simplify and automate tasks, it sure makes the task of keeping updated version installed insanely complicated.

I have a licensed version of Studio installed. Why would I have to go through the “free trial” nonsense when I am already past that? Can someone please just provide a simple link? How a simple update from directly within the app? Can someone please help?


It seems stupid to request a “free trial” while one already has a licensed version. I guess I will go that route. Just makes no sense. Thanks for your help

Hello, go to file start menu → help on your UiPath Studio.
On the right hand side you can see update channel options.
Standard and Beta radio buttons. Just change as Beta.
Then go to the following folder location in your machine.
find out Update.exe. double click this file… and you can see new version on your computer after a while.

Hi @mhansens

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Actually, you can download the installers from our Cloud Platform, see the Resource tab:

Now, two things. The licensed, Enterprise edition does not get automatic monthly updates. Instead, there are two major releases each year, 2019.4 and 2019.10 (Long Term Support). This is why only the installer to the latest stable Enterprise edition is available on Cloud Platform (2019.4.4).

As to the Community Edition, it is set to auto-update whenever the new version is released. This is mandatory and can be considered a limitation of the free version (one of the only ones, to be honest).

I hope it makes things clear :slight_smile:


Well that’s fantastic, thank you @loginerror!

What credentials do we use to login to the cloud platform? We host the platform internally at our company, so do we still have access to these download links?

The easiest would be to create a Cloud Platform Account.

We can’t make the links public and this is why the only way to get the files is either by our technical support, the trial form or the Cloud Platform (the latter being the fastest and most convenient option for now).