Where To Find The Option To Include The Package Sources In Studio?

How to configure the "Include Sources" property in UiPath Studio for a specific project?

  1. Default Value Change:
  • Previously, the "Include Sources" property was unchecked by default.
    • From version 23.4.2 onwards, the property is checked by default.
    • This change ensures that the source code files are included in the published package by default, providing greater visibility and flexibility during package distribution.
  1. Location of the "Include Sources" Property:
  • Prior to version 23.4.2:The "Include Sources" property was accessible in the publish wizard.
    • To access it, follow this path: Publish Process → Publish options → Compilation Settings → Include Sources = True.
      • Starting from version 23.4.2:The "Include Sources" property has been moved to the Project Settings window.
      • This relocation allows users to configure the property on a per-project basis.
    • It streamlines the configuration process by centralizing project-specific settings in one location.

Usage: The "Include Sources" option in UiPath refers to including the source code files (.xaml files) within the published package. By enabling this option, all the .xaml files, including any workflows that were previously marked as private, will be packaged along with the published package.