Where to Find official setup of UiPath products: Process Mining, Task Capture, Automation Hub, etc


I have some inquires regarding UiPath products, however, Please I need your support.

Uipath products\platforms: Process Mining, Task Capture, Automation Hub, Action Center, insights, etc

Although I went through https://docs.uipath.com/ to find the official releases of the above products, I could not find it (I think), however, I have found some releases for Proces mining but I am not sure is it official or not.

So, here is my inquiry:

  • Where do I find the official setup for all UiPath products\platforms?

  • Which UiPath products are the only cloud with no setup for it?

  • Which are UiPath products that come as addition\feature\embeded in other UiPath products, Like you just enable the feature while setup or after setup?

  • Can we use the NFR license for the UiPath product’s official setup, or there is a special release for NFR?

Please, answering the above inquiries will really save a lot of time and give me a good understanding of the UiPath Platform Blueprint.

Kind Regards