Where to find Message-Box in a Cross-Platform Process?

I have created a Cross-Platform process, since i would like to edit my robots on my windows as well as on my MAC. But i am missing some activities like “Message Box”. Is there any alternative of this activity for cross-platform processes?
PS: The Dependency UiPath.System.Activities is already installed on my process. But under “System” in activities panel i have only 1 System Dialog, and that is “Get Username/Password”.
All other options (Tooltip, Input Dialog etc.) are missing as well. When i create a windows platform process, i find those activities as usual.

I don’t have experience with MAC but if all those activities are missing you can use package: UiPath.Form.Activities:
It’s a good way to showing input and output data :slight_smile:

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i dont know which Version you use, but in the last version (again the process is cross-platform), there is nothing such “UiPath.Form.Activities”.


please check if you have marked all of these sources:

Hey Piotr, they are all checked yes.
Please create a new blank project (process) with Cross-platform compatibility. It just takes seconds. Then you will understand my question…

sure :slight_smile:
BlankProcess48.zip (2.3 KB)

Maybe you will go to tab on the left panel called ‘Official’


Unfortunately, it seems MessageBox activity and UiPath.Form.Activities Package aren’t supported yet in CrossPlatform.

So, I’m not sure it works in Mac, but can you try System.Windows.Forms.MessageBox.Show method using Invoke Method activity?


Piotr, i wrote above, that it does not exist… why do u keep suggesting me -sorry but- useless tips? when one searches with “All Packages” on left panel, it searches everywhere anywhere. what is the point of selecting just “official” searching again and again?

thanks @Yoichi, i will try that

Ok. Sorry. I forgot that you are using macOS.

i am not using Mac. As i wrote in my question “i would like to edit my robots on my windows as well as on my MAC”…

So when you also create a cross-platform Process on your WINDOWS, those activities are missing.


Kindly let us know what .net version is installed in your system!
Because, for cross-platform, the .net version should be 5.0 and for other compatibilities, it can be either 4.0 or 4.5.


i think it is: 4.8.4084.0
what does it mean “for cross-platform the .net version should be 5.0”. For What? Do u mean in order that those packages are available?

I have a standard Windows 10 Enterprise Laptop. Most of laptops with Windows 10 have this version, as you can see with a quick google search.

Edit: Can I update .net (i.e. v5) on my laptop? And you think it will make the packages available in Studio?


Refer to the below about the cross platform:

Message Box (uipath.com)

And also,

Release Notes (uipath.com)


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