Where To Find Logs That Show That The Triggers Get Automatically Disabled?

Trigger got disabled by the System Admin. Where can the alerts be seen? Where to find the logs of trigger execution failing so the reason why they got disabled is known to take action accordingly ?

As the failure occurs in scheduling the job, there are no logs that represent the failure. However, there are two ways to get to know when and why the trigger got automatically disabled:

  1. Use the Audit page to view actions performed by all entities in Orchestrator: Orchestrator - About Audit
  2. There should be alerts that were generated at the time when the trigger was disabled. To enable the trigger alerts in Orchestrator, click on the Bell then the Gears within the drop down

  1. Enable the alert for triggers:

  1. In order to see alerts in detail, click on the Bell in Orchestrator in the upper right corner then click 'See All Alerts':

For more details, use this Alerts as a guide.

If the alerts cannot still be see even though they were active, check below:

Users do not inherit alert subscription settings from the parent group, nor do they receive any alerts by default. To allow users to view alerts, each user should be explicitly assigned to the folder for which the user wants to view alerts and the corresponding permissions should be also granted. Assigning the parent group to a folder is not enough. Check the documentation Permission To View Alerts for more details.

For Orchestrator 21.10 onwards, to view alerts, users require the tenant permission Alerts - View. For this reason, when assigning the User to the Folder, give it Folder Administrator role to the root folders to receive alerts, as shown below:


The user should now get the error alert in the error summary: