Where to find Form Activities extended docs and examples?


recently started working on attended automation which will require quite heavy user involvement and I seem to have small issues with forms.

For me it is not very clear “Component JSON” part and all possible values and ways of editing it. In my case, I pass JSON with initial information image,
but I wish to avoid showing default values, just because I am using “false, true” as boolean. I expected that in “Data” tab when setting default value it will work, but for some reason it is not being saved in any “Drop-down List Components”. So whenever form is loaded I get “false” in the dropdown value set as default instead of label which is set… Any ways of setting it differently? (saw javascript capabilities, but does not seem to work yet…)

Another issue is that “moment js for minDate” does not work and it seems that at some point you are planning to fix it per thread 302775 which is fine, but then it would be nice some references in your documentation what libraries you are using in order to quickly jump to that documentation.

Know about UiPath Forms and Activity Creator - advanced level | TechGig while watching this one, which was quite informative I am curious is it possible using “Conditional” logic to trigger buttons which would in turn execute code in “Do” section to use APIs to validate customer information?

Are there more documentation than https://docs.uipath.com/activities/docs/form-activity ? Links to libraries used (moment.js, JS-Interpreter, JSON schema)?

UPDATE: Seems like whenever whatever activity I put into “Do” block, form tends to go into error mode where I cannot make use of JSON string. It does not seem that I pass bad JSON, since it worked previously, until I put something in “Do” block…

initFormJSON.txt (396 Bytes)

Form with two buttons goes into suspended state:

UiPath.Form.Activities 1.1.11

Hi @gendalfas

@Parth_Doshi had made some YouTube videos on Uipath forms activity

No videos found in his channel that would be useful in my case.

Thanks though…