Where to download LTS Version of Orchestrator?

Where can I download the latest LTS version (v2020.10.10) of the orchestrator?


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For on Prem version pls reach UiPath sales team



We can estimate the link url. However, I’ll send it you by PM later as it might be non-disclosure link.


Hi @joris89,

You should be able to get that under customer portal.

Customer Portal | Home

Also, any queries around this, please raise a ticket using above link and you would get .msi for same along with instructions to do that.


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To expand on @sonaliaggarwal47 answer.

  1. Log into https://customerportal.uipath.com/
  2. Click Knowledge > Download Products
  3. Find your product/version and expand the Product Accordion
  4. Click download for your specific patch version

As @Yoichi mentioned, the download path follows a pattern to fetch the latest release or a specific version / build. Typically providing the links is discouraged on the forums as UiPath wants users to download from the various portals, depending on what you are looking for.

I do find it good to know if you have a deployment pipeline for spinning up new infrastructure for building golden images, etc for fetching the required files if you don’t already have them locally.

Outside of that other places to get the download link

  • Original Email provided when you purchased a product
  • Reaching out to your Customer Success Manager
  • Contacting the Sales/Support/License & Activation teams as mentioned by @Palaniyappan
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