Where to change the config settings for process deployed in Orchestrator?

I have deployed one attended process in orchestrator with config settings.
I need to have this attended process in multiple systems in their individual robot tray.
Each system I need to have different config settings, where I can change the config settings ?

Hi @Kayobot welcome to forum

Can i know are u implementing RE FRAMEWORK Here?

Yes I am using the RE Framework

Hi @Kayobot - When you deploy a process in an environment and download from robot tray, a copy of the process gets download in %USERProfile%/.nuget/Packages folder. You can find your process in this folder and if you go inside the net45 folder, you should be able to see your project. Find your config file in this folder and make changes as per robot.

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Hi Mahesh,

Thanks for the reply.
Process which shows up on robot tray after connecting to the orchestrator, I cannot see any download option there. Am I missing something?

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