Where to add System.Data.DataSetExtensions as Project.json doesnt have any reference assembly


could anybody help on Where to add System.Data.DataSetExtensions as Project.json doesn’t have any other reference assembly (and hence can’t create the tags under which this reference assembly needs to be created.).
if anybody could attach the Project.json file here which is having reference assembly

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Have a Look Here

Hi @ppr
I went through this and other available posts, I understand that the assembly needs to be added but Not sure what tag is to be used in Project.json, tried in multiple places in json but exact tags for reference assembly need to be provided.
If full json could be shared then I can see the exact format and tag under which reference assembly needs to be added.

If my json had another assembly then I could have added just below them but unfortunately, I am not using any reference assembly as of now

Hi @RK_S ,

I think you misunderstood from the thread mentioned by @ppr . The suggested thread having the suggestion on how to add assembly reference in the main.xaml You have to add the assembly reference in your main.xaml file not in the project.json

First take a backup of you main.xaml file since some times modifying main xaml will make it corrupted. After taking backup now open your main.xaml file of your process open with notepad and add the respected assembly reference under the assembly reference tags like below to resolve the issue. Thanks.


The steps described within the Shared Link will BE done on the xaml of your current implementation.

So nothing to modify on the project.json File for doing this