Where should we store the credential for practical exam?

Hi all,

I am wondering if we should store the credential for login ACME system in orchestrator.
Or should we put the username and password in the config file?


Store credentials in Windows credential manager and read from that.

Another question, after I submitted the practical exam, how will it be evaluated? Will the exam system trigger the robot from my PC to see if the expected result can be achieved? So I need to keep my PC turned on??


System will run your workflow and check the output generated. It won’t trigger your PC.

So the evaluation system will enter the username and password of the PC when the pop up window of the Windows credential manager is shown, in order to get the username and password stored in the Windows credential manager for the login the ACME system for evaluation?

For the certification, I actually used the Orchestrator Credentials to store the username and passwords. I don’t think there is a hard and fast rule on where the credentials should be stored. Mine was in Orchestrator and there was no problem with that when the evaluation was done…

So I think we can decide whether its a windows credential manager or a orchestrator…

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Here, we are using REFramework. First it will try to fetch the credentials from Orchestrator Assets. If it is not found then it will fetch from windows credential manager and if not found here also then it will ask us to enter credential.


@katylsy : You can store in any of the below

a) config file
b) Windows credentials
c) Assets in orchestrator - Which is best practice and recommended


@avinashy, if assets in orchestrator is used, should we store the login name and password of orchestrator in the config file? How do we connect the orchestrator to get the username and password of ACME system for evaluation?

I only know how to get the credential of login ACME system using the robot is connected with orchestrator, but not sure if anything needs to be done if my robot is not used for evaluation

@katylsy : Config file is also an option to store username and password.But the recommend one is orchestrator.

if you are using assets in orchestrator no need to bother about config file.

And yes you can store login name and password in orchestrator. Go to Assets in orchestrator and while creating the asset select the type as credential which allows you to store your details.

Please go through the video to how to make connection between studio and orchestrator via robot.


Hi @avinashy, I know how to connect the orchestrator and studio via robot. My concern is: how does the evaluation system know which orchestrator to be used for evaluation?

Or they will have an orchestrator connected with a studio? As long as the credential name is the same as the requirement, they can retrieve the credential for login ACME system?

@katylsy : we have only one orchestrator. when you are using orchestrator you will be using couple of activities which are required to fetch the credentials from orchestrator and to use in studio.

So the robot which is validating your code will look for the activities which you have used or not in your developed code and validates.

Hope this make sense.


Oh, sorry, just to confirm, I do not need to store the login credential of the orchestrator in config file, correct?


Yes, no need to store orchestrator credentials.


@katylsy : No need to store orchestrator login credentials in config file.

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