Where is the "Runtime" tab in orchestrator 2019?

where is the config tab in orchestrator 2019?

I am trying to configure the runtime for a robot, but I did not find the runtime tab, in version 2018 it was visible in the option to edit robot, but in version 2019 I did not find.


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Which config tab are you looking in Orchestrator ?

Could you please help me with screenshot of it once. Will check and update you.

Hi @vornes

It has been changed name from Runtime to Setting from Orchestrator v2018.3
and move edit button to More action button

You can refer as below
Orchestrator v2018.2 Managing Robots information (Runtime tab still exist):

Orchestrator v2018.3 Managing Robots information (Changed to Setting tab):

Iā€™m looking for this tab. I need to set up a multisession server.


As @Natapong said, the name was Changed from Runtime to Settings. You can find this Tab under Robots page at the time of creating new robot.

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