Where is the Level 3 (advanced) course description?

It is not on the course catalog page->https://www.uipath.com/academy/training.

I need to document for future reference what training we’ve done and I don’t find this course actually described anywhere!


I happened to do both the in class version and the online version. It’s basically the same concepts (and you get the same diploma at the end) but of course instructor led is better from a learning perspective.

If you’ve completed the training, perhaps use the Download certificate/diploma when you’ve finished it to track what you’ve finished.

So… “Level 3 - Advanced Training” (online, free) and “RPA Developer Advanced Training” (instructor-led, 5-10 people, presumably bookum bucks) are essentially the same thing?

And, more importantly, both result in the same ‘credential’? (What I got is the “Academy2 RPA Developer Diploma”).


Yes, it’s the same diploma. The only “credential” that really matters is the certification which neither grants. Also in class we went through work item 3 as well and of course being able to ask direct questions helps the learning experience.

Thanks for the insight on this. Academy, as well as UiPath.com in general, can be quite confusing on some issues. Am I wrong in thinking this online version of the advanced training is a recent addition to the catalog, and that this may be the reason for the lack of clear info about it and where it fits into the overall scheme 'o things?


Yes, I believe it is somewhat recent. UiPath in general is “somewhat recent” but has been growing really fast so I think this will improve.