Where is the documentation to get what entities can be expanded during get API calls

For example, when getting roles we can expand to permissions and see what permissions are granted to what role, similarly I wanted to know all possible expansions we can do for various APIs… is there a cheatsheet for this?

for example, I wanted to getfolders and then along with it I wanted to see what are all the releases that are in each of those folders… but this expansion is not happening

Hi @kduvvuri,

You’ll get all the DTOs from swagger page of your orchestrator

For on-prem instance please visit

https://{{your orchestrator instance}}/swagger

or (if you use community edition orchestrator) visit

https://cloud.uipath.com/{{your username}}/{{your tenant name}}/swagger/ui/index

Best Regards,

Thanks for the response, Yeah, for example, I wanted to see if there is an expansion for folders, I see command expand but in the example given there seems to be no expansion…

for roles I see example with expansion for permissions

does this mean folder get API does not have expansions?

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