Where is my certificates?

user: carloshenriqueribeiro

Please check this @AndraT :slight_smile:

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Same here.

But I’m still able to download through course page. Have you tried to download from there?


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@carloshoribeiro if u clear final test means immediately u get certificate in email

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So guys, the Certifications & Retraining is empty because it’s not referring to the certificate(diploma), but to training certifications that validate skill levels for various topics(within a company for example). So it’s working as intended.

In order to see your certificate/diploma you have to go to the course page or search your email, as Lucas and Indra previously mentioned.


I Know. ThankU!

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how can I get training certifications that validade skill levels ?

I think you must have to complete the last attempts, then you will get the page of your certificate.