Where i get relative endpoint url for orchestrator http request

I know other properties. but where I get relative endpoint url…

Thanks in advance

If you mean the base url then here’s the following information from the documentation:

The Orchestrator API Swagger definition can be accessed as follows, depending on your deployment type:

  • on-premise - add the following suffix: /swagger/ui/index#/ to your Orchestrator URL. For example, https://myOrchestrator.com/swagger/ui/index#/ .
  • Cloud Platform - add the account and tenant name, as well as the /swagger/ui/index#/ suffix to the URL. For example, https://platform.uipath.com/[AccountLogicalName]/[TenantLogicalName]/swagger/ui/index#/ .
    Find your Account Logical Name and Tenant Logical Name in the API Access page of your Cloud Platform account.

To make the calls you can use https://myOrchestrator.com/oData/ or https://platform.uipath.com/[AccountLogicalName]/[TenantLogicalName]/odata/

The endpoints will be the same no matter what your base url is.