Where I can find UiPath.WebAPI.Activities package?

Hi Newbie here I’m trying to run an example but I can’t. I have this error: Could not find type ‘UiPath.Activities.HttpClient’ in assembly ‘UiPath.Activities’. Row: 164, Column: 12 I found that I need UiPath.WebAPI.Activities package where I can find this one?



Click on the “Manage packages” at the right side corner of activities tab and choose "available
and search “WebAPI” package .


I did, also I installed all the packages …but I have only Web.Activities …

Just a thought, can you change UiPath.Activities.HttpClient to UiPath.Web.Activities.HttpClient assembly and see if it works?

I don’t know how do that, but anyways I try to find anything with httpClient but I didn’t find.

Finally I found the solution, I didn’t notice before that there are more that one page in the package list,

I Installed the UiPath.V7.Activities and works fine now.

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Well, now I’m using the UiPath 2017.1.16522 Enterprise Edition.
I can’t find the UiPath.V7.Activities as well as UiPath.Web.Activities.

Please could you tell me why I can’t find/install these packages?