Where I can find UIARD certified people?

Hello everyone,
Where Can I find UIARD certified people all over the world ??

does anyone has URL so that I can see Certified people in one place ?

Hi @prabin_chand1 ,

Check this below link,

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Bro, What i am asking for & what are you providing me. It’s irrelevant

Hi @prabin_chand1 ,

Making a Bit of a Search in Google, Gave me the below link :

Maybe this is what you were searching for ?


Perfect !
Thank you so much!

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Hi @prabin_chand1 ,

If you have found my reply as irrelevant pardon me for that, I guess you have already got your answer which @supermanPunch had mentioned above :+1:

Happy Automation :slight_smile:


Hi @prabin_chand1 check here: UiPath Digital Credentials | UiPath and then click “browse existing badges”. Good luck on navigation the page.

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