Where I can find part time job

Hi UiPath Community,

I am Certified RPA Developer. i have 3 years experience in RPA development.
I have 2 - 4 hours free every day and I tried to get remote part time/contract job but I can’t find any.

Would you please help me with platforms or ways to get remote part time job or to work as a freelancer?
Or perhaps any way to earn money using my RPA experience!

Happy to hear from you!

HI @ahmedm

You can try with Upwork platform



Checkout this link @ahmedm


Thanks Sudharsan for your reply.
I already tried. There are very few jobs for RPA and many competitors for them.
It is very hard to win a job there.

Yeah agreed @ahmedm

Have you tried in freelancer too?

I checked it few times and its even worse than upwork in terms of jobs availability :sweat_smile:

:rofl: @ahmedm