Where exactly to place 'START JOB ' activity

My understanding is that ‘Start Job’ activity can be used somewhere at the end of dispatcher process to start the Performer bot, so basically once dispatcher is done adding items to queue it will trigger Start Job’ which will start the performer process.- Please correct me if my understanding is wrong.
So, if I am using ‘Start Job’ activity in dispatcher process where exactly should I place it in the workflow so that it triggers the performer process only if there is no error/exception.
Not sure if ‘End process’ would be the ideal place to keep ‘Start Job’ or not.

Thats correct

Make sure that START JOB is placed within TRY block and not in CATCH block if we have used TRY CATCH activity, so that only if no exception occurs it will be executed being in TRY block itself

not a issue we can keep in END PROCESS
but make sure that the process has reached END PROCESS state not due to any exception or error and only due to the process gets over
for that use a boolean variable like bool_process = True at last to the Process state if all the process completes successfully and make sure that variable is of global scope in the variable panel
–and inthe END PROCESS use a if condition like this
bool_process = True
if this condition passes it will go to THEN part where we can keep this START JOB activity

hope this would help you
Cheers @Faraz_Subhani


@Palaniyappan Awesome , you cleared my doubt as to where and how exactly to use this activity, now when I am trying to use this just for a demo run I am getting Microsoft.Rest.HttpOperation Exception. Snip below.
I am using community version 19.8