Where does UiPath stand in the chart with other competitor


I need very urgent ans on this qn.
Where does UIPATH holds in the ranking ?
Please let me know ASAP. means any chart or survey links.



there you go, easy just googled.



thanks a lot but i found it any way before the post . hhaaha. :grinning:

Hey guys one more thing i just wanted to prove to my management team that UIPATH is better than AA and BluePrism. Can somebody help me to gather some info about it, where UIPATH provides more advantage over those two technology .

My manager wants to try out Jidoka, I guess I need this type of info as well, even though we have the PO for a developer and a runtime license with UiPath.

In my experience UiPath is a robust application.


@beesheep hmm, never seen it? how does it feel? :slight_smile:
We’ll need to come up with those competitive materials.

@badita Yes, it would be really helpful to present some competitive analysis, especially when doing POCs for clients.

It’s Java based and what they offer it’s the consulting and the software is Java based. http://www.jidoka.io/contacto/

I guess my manager talked to them because they are offering their product mainly in Spanish and he is not fluent in English, I’ve tried to show him all the potential of UiPath, because personally I love this tool, lets see what he decides.

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in my business we evaluated jidoka and the conclusion was , jidoka its so artisian and rough in comparision with uipath, even is better than Automation anywhere


Hope No one is here from AA :joy:

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