Where does Orchestrator fetch logs from

Where does Orchestrator fetch logs from?

Prior to Orchestrator v2018.1.x, Orchestrator fetches all the logs from dbo.logs table.

From 2018.2.x, there is a change from where Orchestrator fetches logs.

It checks logger rule in web.config and maintain rule for writing to “robotElasticBuffer”.

Then it looks for section <target name="robotElasticBuffer",  checks uri = “xyz”  and name="robotElastic" 

  • If the uri value is blank then the logs are being fetched from SQL database.
  • If it has any value (being it valid or invalid), it tries to fetch value from that URL.
  • If the word “robotElastic” is not there in logger rule, it fetches logs from SQL database.


NOTE: If logs are to be viewed from database, then modify robotElastic to anything ( like robotElastic2 ).

Reason for this change:  

  • Fetching data from elastic search is faster as compared to SQL DB
  • All the Orchestrator functions hit database. Hence to improve the performance, fetch logs from ES.