Where do I find documentation on this tool?

Hi there,

When can I find documentation on how to use this tool?

I want to:

  1. add a logo (picture) to my form.
  2. Create workflow where based on the input of my 3 fields a specific (different) sequence will be followed.
  3. Add a file location to the form - I can place the text box but nothing else.

Any help?

Thank you!

Hi @memrevh,

Thanks for your feedback. We will provide an explicit control that will allow you to add logos and embed videos. This will be available when we go GA. I am not clear about your question regarding adding a file location to the form. Is this for uploading files by end users? Can you you provide additional background and some more info about the use case?


Hi @rameshvenkat,

This is what I would like to achieve:

User triggered process: Open the following form to select one of these options:


The user then selecting one of these actions above - does not matter whether it is radio button or drown down, etc. - - just want to show example)

Based on the user selection a process needs to be kicked off.

  1. For create promotions - another screen need to open with a selection of countries and dates and a reference Excel file location. Based on this input from the user the process must create the data set (process still to be created) and then create the promotions on the application (Create_Promos process working in UIPath workbench)
  2. For edit promotions - run edit promotions process (Edit_Promos process working in UIPath)
  3. For submit promotions - run submit process (Submit_Promos process working)
  4. For approve promotions - run approve process (Submit_Promos process working)
  5. Add WRewards - run Wrewards process (WRewards process working)

So my questions are:

  1. How do I create a form that then triggers each of these processes based on the input of the user
  2. How do I create a second form that pops up when the user selects “Create” promotions where the following detail needs to pop up:
    Question to user: Do you want to generate promotion data?
    If user selects ‘Yes’ then:
    List of countries - user selects one or many countries
    User enters start and end date to each country
    User enters reference data location (Excel sheet saved in folder)
    If user selects NO:
    User enters reference data location (Excel sheet saved in folder)

I hope this makes sense!

Thank you for your guidance.

Hi @memrevh

It looks like starting the process could be achieved with a Start Job activity.

As to the Form structure, I think all should be doable within the currently beta Form activities package.
I am sure some extra documentation will soon become available, together with the stable release of the package :slight_smile: