Where can I post suggested edits to Foundation training materials in the Academy?

Hi, the reason I’m posting this is a snag I ran into in Lesson Two, Practice 4, and the workaround I found.

This lesson involves a logging workflow (a sequence) and a main workflow with a flowchart and a Flow Switch element.
My problem stemmed from the creation of the workflows.

  1. The first step is to create the logging workflow sequence. Easy enough, the instructions are clear.
  2. The first problem arises from the following instructions: “Onto the main workflow, create a new Flowchart workflow. Then, create the variable that will store the stoplight color, as well as a Switch statement that evaluates the variable.” I believe that should read as follows: “From the “New” menu, create a new Flowchart project. Name it “Stoplights - main.” This will appear as a new tab in your project, and as a new .xaml file in your project folder.”
  3. Next problem [In creating the “Invoke Workfile Activities” section]: “If the file path to the logging workflow is different, change the name accordingly.” I would suggest adding something like the following: “You can locate the ‘log information.xaml’ file in the Project folder where you’ve chosen to save your UiPath Documents. You can either change the name of the sequence you just created to ‘log information.xaml’, or use the existing name throughout the rest of this walkthrough.”

Okay, these are off-the-cuff suggestions for an edit, and my real question is: Where do I post suggestions for changes to the training materials? Learning materials everywhere are in a constant state of revision and expansion, and I’m sure the Academy materials will be also.



Thank you! I appreciate the help.