Where can I find Docs of Exception in detail?

The English one is following Japanese.





Where can I find Docs of Exception in detail?

I know that a list of Exception’s name is shown by try-catch activity around any activity,
but there is no information in detail about the reason why Exception happens.

And I also couldn’t find them in this forum.

To make Error-Handling better, if you know any clue to where it is located,
Please let me know it.

I look forward to response from you.
Thank you.

are you asking about the log file?

Hello there,

You ca see the exception detail in studio by using simple code in writeline/messagebox

For full detail of log:
Ctrl + L - Opens the folder where the Log files are stored.

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Do you mean list of possible exceptions, with causes, per activity?

Something like:
Click throws:
SelectorNotFound exception if element is not found.
InvalidOperation exception if…
BlaBla exception if…

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you can even write custom log files for each process using append line activity inside catch block

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Thank you for your quick reply.

What you are saying is exactly what I want to know.
Something like this: Java Platform SE 7

I’m sorry for my question that is not enough to be understood.

I appreciate for your reply.

I’m sorry for my question that is not understandable.

What I’m searching is something like this. : Java Platform SE 7
It’s not Log function.

Thank you for your kindness.

Exception may happen for known or un known reasons. Some times because application response delay.
Some times application thrown errors, some times bad designing steps or bad array value like many reasons.
To handle these un expected errors we can use try catch activity.

I suggest to create outlook send mail activity in the catch block so that Robot will respond about the error screenshot when execution fails.

Hope my inputs are useful.

例外は既知または不明の理由により発生する可能性があります。 アプリケーションの応答が遅れるために何度か。
これらの予期しないエラーを処理するために、try catchアクティビティを使用できます。

私は、実行が失敗したときにエラースクリーンショットについてロボットが応答するように、catchブロックでoutlook sendメールアクティビティを作成することをお勧めします。


May be some of .NET exception list can help a bit? ( I don’t think it is all anyway)