When using the type into activity, is it possible to continue typing into a second line?

Hello! I am currently automating the process of uploading contact information onto BaaN. I am running into the issue of the address and city input fields (there are 2 lines for address input and 2 lines for city input) having a character limit of 30 (so 30 characters max per line).

I was wondering if it is possible to continue typing the address into the line below, or continue typing the characters after the space character closest to the 30th character onto the line below.

Yes its possible with a if and a Count

1 - Count you String Charecters
2 - If = or -30 → then
Type all to first line
3 - If + 30 Get First 30 chars to firt line and all other chars to the other one

Are you able to do this ?