When using Outlook activities, the body paragraph turns to Chinese randomly. Why?

I am using move mail message to move emails from Folder A to Folder B. For some reason, the body text changes to Chinese. I have checked outlook settings and computer settings, and none of the language settings have Chinese. Have tried multiple sample emails, and it occurs for all of them, so it is not a one-time scenario. Would appreciate help on this, thank you.

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Adding @loginerror


Hi @Ivan17

This sounds super strange! Would you mind recording a small video of the behaviour, and maybe attach a sample, dummy project that reproduces the issue?

I’m having the exact same issue. The bot is reading the body content, assigning a category to it and then moving it to a subfolder. Testing this further, the problem also occurs just reading the MailItem object, not even modifying anything.

In my case, I’m specifically having trouble with Outlook NDRs (Non-delivery receipts):

For any others that have come across this - after much more digging, it appears that this type of character encoding issue has been going on with Outlook/Exchange for quite some time. There appears to be various different symptoms and causes.

I found this that seems to sum up the problem pretty well (update: link is now dead :frowning: ).
Reading Body property of Outlook nondelivery receipt (NDR) item results in Chinese characters (microsoft.com)

Unfortunately no easy resolution to it though so I’ll keep trying for a workaround…