When to Use vs. Write Line

When is it best to use write line vs. Type Into> Text Option. In the Decisions module practice the solution has you use a Write Line activity which has not been discussed in the training yet. I attempted to solve with a Type Into activity in the excel cell and it didn’t work until I changed it based on the solution.

Hi @kcaller
Write line : Writes specified data or text to the Output panel . Use for debugging your automation.
Type Into : Enters text in a specified UI element, for example a text box. If you specify the text to enter using the Text Builder, you can also send special keys like Tab or Enter to the UI element. Must be added inside an Application Card activity.

To write to an Excel cell , use “Write Cell”. The name of the sheet in which the cell or range of cells that you want to write to is. The Excel cell or range that you want to write to. The value or formula that you want to be written to a cell or range.

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Hi @kcaller ,

You can use write cell activity to update a cell value in excel file and we can avoid using type into activity to write on a cell,


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Hey @kcaller kc

The type into need to be used inside a open use browser scope so that in a crome or any browser page we can type into that field
While the write line is use to get the solution in output pannel
In excel activitied to write we use write range or write cell. Inside a excel scope or direct workbook activity.

Hope this was informative to you.

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