When to restart server Robot cannot find UI elements


We have an attended robot. We created a process which constantly works. We want the process always works in the attended robot. We are working on disaster cases right now. We try to start again the process when the server restarts.

Although we start the process when restart server, robot cannot find UI elements after restart. Have any solution on this topic?

I know it is specific case but please help me.

Try to debug and see why it is failing to find the UI elements after restart.

In normal scenarios, even after restarting the machine where the robot deployed it won’t cause any issues.

Karthik Byggari

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When I try to debug, it is working correctly. But after restart it is not. We want to the process always works without any intervention.


Thats a strange behaviour.
Can you try delay between activities or Elements Exists activities to make sure the UI element appears before proceeding with the sequence and also use Simulate Clicks when needed to work in the background.

Karthik Byggari

Background jobs are working after restart. I think server is waiting start page. When try to open or click it cannot work.