When the scheduled day is a non workable day, the process does not execute until the next month instead of the next workable day

I have a process that just have to be triggered the 7th of each month. The problem here is that when the 7th day of the month is non working day, the process does not trigger until the next month, instead of triggering the 8th.

Could someone help me?


Hi @Edu_Jimenez

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I don’t think so we can write the Cron expression based on this scenario.

You can try to handle this situation inside the UiPath activity / Code.


Hello @Edu_Jimenez
You can use if condition at the beginning of the process to start


If the date is 7 the process goes to the sequence and the process starts,
In else, add the conditions to stop the process.

Hi @Edu_Jimenez

For running on woorking daya you can use expression like this 0 0 12 1W 1/1 ? * this will run on 1st working day of everymonth you can modify accordingly. If you want to consider holidays then create a separate calander for this process and mark holidaya in it


We have already use that cron expression combined with a non-workable days calendar, but the Orchestrator is not able to execute the process the next day, postponing the execution for the following month.


Hi @Edu_Jimenez

If that’s the case then as of now we have to handle it in our process itself . by checking for the required date and running the BOT on a daily schedule