When taking an amount from excel i need cents included

Hi all im taking multiple amounts from excel but when I take an amount and place it in my oracle platform it will only show “ex: 94” Were I need it to be “ex.94.00” I used this Row5.ToString+".00" but there are other amounts that work so the only thing thats not being posted is the .00

@seanp92 usually when we take any row value it gives the output as string only,so coming to your query the value should be in double convert the string value to double and make a try.

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You just need to format it like a number.
First, you need to convert the value to a number, and also make sure it’s a value.

If activity: IsNumeric(Row5.ToString.Trim)

    TypeInto or Assign activity: Convert.ToDouble(Row5.ToString.Trim).ToString("0.00")

So you can use .ToString(“0.00”) only if the value is a number, which is why you use Convert.ToDouble() or CDbl() around the value.



if you are using excel application scope and read cell activity, just put the read cell output into GenericValue variable. This way, when you try to write it, it should show the cents.