When system exception occurs in process transition in re-framework for a queue item, why the entire queue list is been called again

We have had an automation built using the RE Framework which utilises a queue. Unfortunately, whenever a system exception occurs, the automation reverts to the initialisation section which results in it rebuilding the queue. This causes duplication within the queue (even successful queue item) even though we have it set to Enforce Unique References. Is there a way to prevent the queue from rebuilding / duplicating every time a system exception occurs?


Move your add queue items part to the first run If condition in Initialization State

That will make it run only once that is the first time the bot starts but next time that I f condition will be false and it won’t be executed


the core concept is to have

  • a dispatcher populating the work queues
  • a performer for process the queue items

in the concept of the performer we have the routing to the init, when a system exception occurs

could it be the case, that in your implementation dipatcher and performer is merged?

The dispatcher and performer part are separate


Then are you reading the data again and or re-initializing transaction_Number anywhere?

I hope you are using io_Transactiondata to store what you are trying to add to queue?


Yes, reading the data again happens at Init stage
Yes, io_Transactiondata is used add to queue
But issue is once a system exception occurs for 4th transaction in process block (total 5), BOT will go to Init->Get Transaction and then process start entire process again by processing from transaction 1.


I guess youa re resetting the transaction number some where in process xaml failed flow or in Initialize because transaction number gets auto incrmeented even for system exception.

And also whatever you are doing to get queue items do it only in If condition for first run inside the Initialize. That way data will come only once and the io transaction data would not be refreshed and also transaction number should not be reinitialized


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Thank you @Anil_G
Added the if condition before retrying, to check the transaction status successful, it worked


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