When start the automation using UiPath Assistant, display black box and server getting stuck in community edition

Hi All,
When I’m start the automation using UiPath Assistant, display small black box in the middle of the Assistant and takes some time to start the automations and unable to close this black box as below screent shot,
Can some one give help to rectify this issue


Strange, One Suggestion - Can you try running the automation in Debug mode - Also in the Assistant - Try Updating the Theme to Light and then Try - I suspect some text might not be visible because of the theme.


Hi Mukesh,
Thank you for the suggesion,
When gave a try using debug mode it is work but end user has to find his own solution.In this case many users will login to the server and run his automation using Assistant.
When change the theme same box appreard as I heighlted in the screenshot.


Can you change the Zoom (-/+)?

What are the results?