When RPA typing email on body, it jumps to "To:" section after the first line

I am trying to send out emails using a RPA. When my robot has finished typing out the first line of the email content, it jumped straight to the “To:” section of my outlook. I don’t think the error lies in the coding, I have also changed the UI Explorer Selectors to a generic value “*”. Despite all that, the error still persist.

Hi @Wing_Ben_Wong
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Which activity do you use to send your email?

  • Send Outlook
  • SMTP
  • etc.

Or do you go through the UI and click in the text box and start typing?

Thank you for your prompt response.

I used “Attach Window” to engage Outlook.


Tip from me.
Don’t use the Ui input of email text (if it is not necessary) and use Send Outlook Mail Activity. In the body you take a variable which you fill with content before.
Of course you can also do the latter via the UI.

Actually I am following a UiPath course, and I was following the guide strictly.

We did the Send Outlook Mail Activity, but we are also exploring another way to send out email. Just so happens that mine came out with this issue, which I have no idea how to get over it.

Okay. Which course do you mean exactly?(There are many that deal with email automation).

Now maybe to go back to your question specifically.

If I have understood you correctly, your process looks (approximately) like this:

  1. click on New Mail
  2. click on Email-Text-Area
  3. enter text with Type-Into

At 3. if you want to go to the next line then it automatically jumps to the To address.

If I have understood this correctly, it is somehow due to the 3rd activity. Can you put a screenshot here that you can see how you have designed the text and what setting you have chosen.

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You don’t send emails by clicking around in Outlook. Send emails using one of these activities.