When Robot call excel got Error:Excel Application Scope: Error opening workbook. Make sure Excel is installed. Invoke fetchallvendors workflow: Error opening workbook. Make sure Excel is installed

Can anyone help on this? I have uninstall my office 365 and reinstalled, but issue still exist.

@ymmeng Do u check this post

Hi Indra, yes, checked. I think there is no probelm on my regedit.

Hi Members,

I am new to UiPath. i am also experiencing the same error. I am using Office2016 desktop version - 64 bit. Have the same problem and couldn’t proceed my excel activities. Can anyone help me please?

When I face a problem with Excel package, I try to use workbook activities and the same other side. You can try to use workbook activities.

same problem here. I am also facing similar error code running other apps that needs to create/open new excel workbook. I am wondering if this is any correlation with authority or setting?