When RDP is forcefully stoped, Will Orchestrator create Virtual Screen?

Hi Everyone,

I run the bot using Orchestrator after a specific interval and I forcefully closed the RDP from my local machine before the bot start its execution and when I reopen RDP to check my bot run successfully or not, I got a long error message…

“A specified logon session does not exist. it may already have been terminated uipath”

Will Orchestrator create a virtual Screen in this case? Does Orchestrator need a dedicated screen to run the Job?

Thanks in Advance…

Hi Abhishek,

Check the Orchestrator FAQ page: image

The job is actually started by the UiRobot service which is running on the remote machine. Orchestrator only informs that service that it should start a job for a given process and under a the credentials specified in the provisioned robot.
If there is already a user session for the provisioned user, the robot will just use that one. Then, after you close the RDP connection, the session is terminated. So the robot execution will crush.

You should start the process from Orchestrator without having a RDP connection to the robot machine.

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