When making a Random/Guessing game

Hello, Guys~!
I have a question while I’m making a random game.

In the Academy video, only “Enter a larger number” or “Enter a smaller number” with Hint after entering a number.

However, I hope that the Guessing No. I entered in front of that phrase.


I put in the phrase [Guessing.ToString + “Enter a larger number”], but Guessing No. did not appear.

What did I do wrong?

Also, what should I do if I want to get Guessing No?

Please help me.

Thank you for reading~!

Hi @sphencer

You are assigning this to the Hint right ?

And I also assume you are printing that in the input dialog? as that’s how the value are moving in your flow diagram

Make Sure You are Entering that Hint Variable in Input Dialog.Capture

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Of course I do~!
What did I do wrong?

Add Message box each Assign Hint before to input dialog


Assign value is Guess = “”

Thank you for your answering~! I solved it~!

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