When loop executed how to update url for muitiple id when extract table data in uipath

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Below highlighted url is not picking/updating dynamically loop for muitiple id when extract table data in UiPath. For one id working fine. for other ids im getting 1st id data. how can i fix url to update with id when loop executed.


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Hello @niranjan.kummara
Use clear data table actvity at end of Loop and pass the Extracted Datatable variable in it

@Gokul_Jayakumar, From below url how can i update fuctionality to update secid dynamically.

Duplicate post: Extract table data is not working for multiple ids dynamically - #6 by niranjan.kummara

@niranjan.kummara Its better to keep one thread for closing your issue.

Please share the selector in the Table extraction.


Try this
Use Assign


Pass the Link to Open browser or navigate

If you need to make dynamically in selector, just replace the number with " * "


@Gokul_Jayakumar, Above logic is working fine but while changing the id im getting error.
Initial building the workflow what ever id i have used for those id im able pull the data, for other ids im getting blank details. I thinking i need to make this dynamic for when changing the id loop the same logic.

@Gokul_Jayakumar Thank you It is working but now im getting one more error,
Join Data Tables: the value for argument ‘Column Name’ is not set or is invalid. any suggestions please

Hello @niranjan.kummara
Check with your column name. It may vary from code to excel sheet. Even the space in the excel column name, it throws an error.

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