When installing explorer expert now any xaml that doesn't have json doesn't open it for me and the studio freezes

After installing the community application, I cannot open any xaml, nor generated by the explorer expert application or that your json was not generated, let’s say you want to download an example and the screen stays frozen and even closes, and erased Everything from the appdata and I do not understand this behavior, it is missing something to update.
prove with another pc and it works fine but on my work laptop it doesn’t work

Hi @jam007!
Can you please clarify which application do you mean by ‘after installing the community application’? Explorer Expert or UiPath Studio? I’m confused about this because there is no possibility to open .xaml file in Explorer Expert at the moment :slight_smile:
We’re aware of a similar bug - deleting ‘Temp’ folder from the ‘Documents’ directory, which was fixed in 2019.10.3 version (released on January 27th), but I’m not sure that’s your case.

community application
I’m going to leave it and follow the instructions you give me to see if the error has been fixed, thanks